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Is Bitcoin Experiencing a Bullish Reversal? Retail Investors Return as New Addresses Hit 4-Month High

Recent Developments in the Bitcoin Market: Retail Investors Return, Mining Industry Under Pressure

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has been on a rollercoaster ride recently, with fluctuations between $61,000 and $62,000 after a brief drop to $58,000 on June 24. Despite this volatility, both retail investors and institutional players are showing renewed interest in the market.

Crypto analyst Ali Martinez highlighted the surge in new BTC addresses, reaching a four-month high of 432,026. This indicates that investors are optimistic about a significant price increase for BTC in the near future. Martinez also pointed out that BTC is currently trading within a parallel channel, with a potential rebound to $63,200 or $63,800 if key support levels hold.

However, not all news is positive for Bitcoin. In the past 72 hours, BTC miners have sold over 2,300 BTC worth approximately $145 million, adding to the selling pressure from governments like the US and Germany. The mining industry is facing challenges due to lower network fees and reduced block rewards following the Halving event in April.

Kaiko Research noted a significant drop in average network fees, impacting miner revenue. This revenue squeeze has put pressure on miners, leading to concerns about forced selling in the coming months. As a result, the industry is expected to witness consolidation as miners seek to increase efficiency.

Despite these challenges, BTC is still consolidating within its range at $61,880. The market remains volatile, with losses wiping out gains from the past 30 days. As the industry navigates through these headwinds, investors are closely watching for any signs of a potential price rally in the future.

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