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Analysts predict lackluster market for Bitcoin and Ether options implied volatility forecasts in June

Analysis of Implied Volatility for Bitcoin and Ether Options Indicates Calm Market Expectations

The current levels of implied volatility for bitcoin and ether options are pointing towards a relatively calm market in the coming weeks, according to analysts. Implied volatility rank and percentile indicators suggest that traders are not expecting a lot of activity in the near future.

The Deribit Volatility Index, which measures the market’s expectation of future volatility for bitcoin, has shown a significant drop since mid-May. QCP Capital analysts also noted a sluggish market, attributing the decrease in implied volatility to the approval of spot ether exchange-traded funds by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Despite the approval of spot ether ETFs, which may not go live for a few weeks or months, some traders are hedging against potential downside risks. The put-call ratio for ether options has been rising, indicating a bearish sentiment among traders. This trend could be a result of traders preparing for potential delays in the launch of these financial products on exchanges.

Overall, the market seems to be in a state of anticipation, with traders closely monitoring the situation and adjusting their strategies accordingly. Stay tuned for more updates on the evolving crypto market dynamics.

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