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Binance Research Reports Increase in Capital Flowing Back into Crypto Markets, With One Sector Standing Out

Capital Influx into Crypto Space Grows by Double Digits: Binance Research

The crypto space is experiencing a surge in capital inflow, with the total value locked in decentralized finance (DeFi) reaching $94.9 billion this year, up from $54.2 billion at the beginning of the year. Binance Research has reported a 75.1% year-to-date rebound in the DeFi market, signaling a resurgence in the markets.

Despite the increase in on-chain liquidity, the market valuation of DeFi has not seen a proportional rise, according to Binance Research. However, the report highlights that almost all DeFi sub-sectors have witnessed significant growth in inflows, indicating a diversification in the market.

The liquid restaking DeFi sub-sector recorded the largest percentage growth in total value locked, followed by the yield market. Only the Collateralized Debt Position (CDP) DeFi sub-sector saw a slight decrease in total value locked.

With ambitious revenue forecasts for DeFi, such as the projection of $231.2 billion by 2030, the development of a diverse array of markets is crucial to unlock new financial primitives and maximize the value derived from DeFi. This growth in the crypto space reflects a positive trend for the industry, with potential for further expansion and innovation in the coming years.

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