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Birdeye Incorporates Live Cryptocurrency Market Data on Sui Blockchain

Birdeye Integrates Real-Time Crypto Market Data on Sui Blockchain

Birdeye Integrates Real-Time Crypto Market Data on Sui Blockchain

Birdeye, a leading onchain crypto trading data aggregator, has recently announced the expansion of its services to include the Sui blockchain. This integration, which began in April 2024, aims to provide real-time crypto market data APIs and WebSockets for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications on the Sui network.

The comprehensive data services offered by Birdeye include a range of APIs and WebSockets that allow users to integrate detailed crypto market data into their projects. Key APIs such as the Price API, OHCLV API, Token API, and Trades API provide essential data points such as token prices, historical price data, and trading activity, crucial for building robust DeFi applications.

The Price API, for example, offers endpoints for individual token prices, multiple token prices, and price history, allowing users to retrieve current and historical price data for tokens across different blockchain networks, including Sui. The OHCLV API provides real-time Open, High, Low, Close, and Volume data for tokens and trading pairs, aiding in technical analysis and market visualization.

Additionally, Birdeye’s Token APIs offer endpoints for retrieving a list of tokens and detailed information about individual tokens, providing insights into market capitalization, trading volume, and price changes. The Trades API provides data on trading activities for specific tokens or trading pairs, essential for tracking trading patterns and understanding market dynamics.

Furthermore, Birdeye’s WebSockets deliver real-time updates on token prices and trading activities, supporting multiple subscriptions for users to stay updated with the latest market movements. The platform’s unified dashboard simplifies the management of API keys, subscriptions, and billing, ensuring efficient operations for enterprise partners.

By integrating with the Sui blockchain, Birdeye aims to support innovation and growth within the Sui ecosystem. The availability of comprehensive and real-time crypto trading data empowers developers to create advanced DeFi applications, attracting a wider user base to Sui.

For more information on Birdeye’s data services and pricing plans, visit the official Sui Blog. This integration marks a significant step towards enhancing data accessibility for developers and traders on the Sui blockchain, driving innovation and growth within the DeFi space.

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