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Bitcoin Critic Disputes Existence of ‘Institutional Demand’ Amidst Recent Price Drop

Bitcoin Market Analysis: Peter Schiff Challenges Institutional Demand

Title: Bitcoin Critic Peter Schiff Challenges Growing Institutional Interest in Bitcoin

Popular Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff has dismissed claims of growing institutional interest in the cryptocurrency, following a recent market sell-off that resulted in a 10% price decline on Friday.

According to blockchain analytics platform Lookonchain, the German and US governments, along with defunct crypto exchange Mt. Gox, have moved a combined 17,788 Bitcoin valued at $1.08 billion to exchanges since June 19. The constant sell-off by these entities has put significant selling pressure on Bitcoin, causing its price to drop from $60,097 to as low as $53,971 on Friday.

Schiff, in a post on Saturday, stated that the price slump in Bitcoin demonstrated that institutional demand for the cryptocurrency was overestimated. He emphasized the absence of high institutional demand, pointing out that if it truly existed, institutions would have jumped at the chance to buy the massive amount of Bitcoin that has been sold.

Schiff’s comments challenge the popular sentiment that Bitcoin’s institutional demand has been increasing, especially since the introduction of Spot Bitcoin ETFs in January. Despite the recent market downturn, popular crypto analyst Rekt Capital believes that Bitcoin may be poised for a market rebound. Rekt Capital noted that Bitcoin closed its daily trading above $56,750, indicating a potential recovery towards $71,000.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $58,189 with a 2.45% increase in the last day. However, the daily trading volume remains down by 63.35% at $20.61 billion. Analysts are closely watching Bitcoin’s price movements to see if it will indeed rebound as predicted.

Overall, Schiff’s challenge to the narrative of growing institutional interest in Bitcoin adds an interesting perspective to the ongoing discussion about the future of the cryptocurrency market.

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