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Bitcoin Price Plummets to $65K, Philippines Ranks 4th in AI, ChatGPT Trends | Highlights | June 15, 2024

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In the latest crypto news, Bitcoin (BTC) has dropped to $65,100, its lowest in four weeks, falling over 2% in just an hour and down 7.5% over the past seven days. This significant drop has also affected the broader crypto market, with $180 million in leveraged derivatives trading positions being liquidated in the past 24 hours, contributing to a total of $870 million in liquidations for the week.

Analysts had anticipated a potential BTC breakout due to softer U.S. inflation data, but market conditions and selling pressures hindered any significant rallies. Investors are now closely watching for further announcements from the Federal Reserve and potential political developments in Europe, which could influence market movements.

In other news, the Philippines has been ranked fourth in global AI searches, indicating a growing adoption of AI technology in the country. This trend could soon transform job requirements and normalize the use of AI tools in daily tasks. With the increasing interest in AI tools, Filipinos can expect more job opportunities requiring AI skills and increased integration of AI tools in everyday activities.

Local crypto news in the Philippines includes Coins.ph initiating a Meme Coin Trading Tournament, listing a new token, io.net ($IO), and various blockchain-related events such as The BLOKC wrapping up Blockchain Campus Conference and Bayanichain making it to the 2024 Blockchain Critical Trend Report.

Overall, the crypto and blockchain world continues to see significant developments and events, with a focus on regulation, market updates, community spotlights, and advancements in web3 and AI innovation. Stay connected for more updates and announcements in the crypto space.

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