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BNB Chain’s Version of Bitcoin Launches Token Presale, Expected to Average 14 Cents per Transaction

Exciting Launch of Bitnance Token Presale – Get in Early!

The official token presale for BNB-Chain’s new version of Bitcoin (BTC) has launched, introducing the cryptocurrency “Bitnance” with the token symbol $BTN. The presale, which has 176 days remaining, has already seen a surge in token sales, with over US$16,500 worth of tokens sold in the last 7 days alone.

Investors are showing interest in Bitnance due to the lower transaction fees on the BNB-Chain compared to the Bitcoin blockchain. With an average transaction fee of $0.14 on the BNB-Chain versus $32 on the Bitcoin blockchain, users are looking to migrate to Bitnance for cost savings.

The presale offers investors the opportunity to purchase 56% of the total token supply, with 5.6 million tokens out of 10 million available for sale. The potential increase in demand for Bitnance could drive up its value, attracting more investors to the project.

Comparisons are being drawn to Ethereum’s Mollars token, which saw significant ROI gains in its presale. If Bitnance reaches its hard cap of 5.6 million tokens sold, it could potentially surpass Mollars in terms of ROI gains and establish itself as a valuable store-of-value asset in 2024.

For BNB Coin holders, Bitnance could also contribute to the growth of Binance Blockchain’s native coin, with some speculating that the new store-of-value token played a role in Binance Coin hitting a new all-time high last week. Investors are keeping a close eye on Bitnance as it continues to gain traction in the crypto market.

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