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Founder of Cardano Reveals Significant Achievement: Chang Hard Fork Approaching Finalization

Exciting Updates on Cardano’s Chang Hard Fork and Voltaire Phase Progress

Cardano (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson has announced that the node 9.0 update for the crucial Chang hard fork is nearly complete and expected to roll out next week. This update marks a significant step towards Cardano’s Voltaire phase, focusing on governance enhancements.

Hoskinson, who previously co-founded Ethereum (ETH) before parting ways with Vitalik Buterin, shared the exciting news during a live AMA session from his ranch in Wyoming. He discussed the ongoing work and achievements in the development of the Cardano blockchain platform.

Despite facing challenges over the past few years, Hoskinson emphasized the progress made by the Cardano ecosystem, particularly in governance. He highlighted the importance of completing all parts of CIP 1694, a two-year effort crucial for improving Cardano’s infrastructure.

The upcoming node 9.0 update, following version 8.2.2, is set to ensure compatibility and stability for the Chang hard fork. Hoskinson revealed that the new node is on track for release next week, potentially on Monday or Tuesday, barring any unforeseen issues.

The Chang hard fork represents a significant milestone for Cardano, signaling the transition to the Voltaire phase with a focus on governance enhancements. Hoskinson noted that this phase has been two years in the making and will bring new governance features and increased community involvement in decision-making.

Looking ahead, Hoskinson discussed the challenges of the upcoming Basho era, which aims to improve scalability and network optimization. He stressed the importance of community input in balancing trade-offs between on-chain and off-chain data handling, as well as making technical decisions like on-chain sharding and changes to transaction processing.

The Cardano community eagerly anticipates the rollout of the node 9.0 update and the subsequent Chang hard fork, as they mark significant progress towards achieving the platform’s governance-focused goals.

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