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Integration of TON blockchain improves security of digital assets

Cobo to Support TON Blockchain with Custody Solutions and Wallet Integration

Cobo, a leading digital asset custody and wallet provider, has made a significant announcement that is sure to shake up the blockchain world. The company has revealed that it will now support The Open Network (TON), bringing its robust custody solutions to the TON blockchain.

This integration will include custodial wallets and multiparty computation wallet technology, providing users with enhanced security and flexibility in managing their digital assets. Additionally, Cobo will integrate TON’s native Toncoin (TON) token, Notcoin (NOT), and stablecoins like Tether (USDT) into its platform.

The decision to integrate with TON comes at a time when there is a growing wave of support for the blockchain, particularly with the recent launch of Telegram’s new advertising platform powered by TON. This collaboration aims to improve digital asset management for institutional clients and expand Cobo’s service offerings.

Despite the potential benefits of adding TON to its services, Cobo may face technical challenges due to TON’s multichain architecture and sharding technology. However, the company’s track record of regulatory compliance, coupled with Toncoin’s recent approval by the Kazakhstan Financial Services and Regulatory Committee, positions Cobo strategically in the market.

While the TON ecosystem continues to thrive, there has been a concerning increase in phishing attacks targeting users. SlowMist founder Yu Xian highlighted the risks associated with phishing links spread through Telegram’s messaging groups and airdrops. Xian emphasized the importance of account security, especially for users with anonymous phone numbers who are more vulnerable to phishing attacks.

As Cobo embarks on this new partnership with TON, the blockchain community will be closely watching to see how this integration unfolds and how both companies navigate the evolving landscape of digital asset management and security.

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