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Launch of BEVM Visionary Builders (BVB) Program with $60 Million Ecosystem Incentives Program

BEVM Visionary Builders Program: Incentivizing Innovation and Community Participation

BEVM Launches Visionary Builders Program with $60 Million Incentive Rewards

HongKong, China /BEVM/ – BEVM, a leading blockchain platform, has unveiled its latest initiative, the BEVM Visionary Builders (BVB) program, in collaboration with Binance wallet for an airdrop event. The program aims to foster the development of various tracks within the ecosystem, offering a total of $60 million in rewards to exceptional projects and users.

The Visionary Builders program introduces an on-chain community voting mechanism, allowing project teams to showcase their active user base through voting. Participants in the voting process will not only receive airdrops of ORDINALS•RUNE but also BEVM tokens.

Interested project teams can apply for the program through the BEVM website or directly via the BEVM Visionary Builders Application Form. The application process involves filling out a form, community voting, and reward distribution based on the ECO score ranking.

BEVM plans to distribute $60 million worth of assets to reward ecosystem projects and voting users participating in the BVB program. The rewards will be divided into airdrops for on-chain voters and incentives for outstanding projects and their users.

The BVB program is not only a means to invigorate the ecosystem but also a strategic move by BEVM to promote growth and development. By incorporating multi-dimensional evaluation and community voting, BEVM aims to identify projects with high potential and engage the community in the decision-making process.

With a significant investment in the program, BEVM is set to provide technical support, marketing strategies, and collaboration opportunities to selected projects. The program is expected to attract more projects and users to the BEVM ecosystem, driving innovation and expansion within the Bitcoin Layer 2 network.

The launch of the BEVM Visionary Builders program signifies BEVM’s commitment to building a dynamic ecosystem and fostering collaboration within the blockchain industry. As the program unfolds, BEVM is poised to establish itself as a hub for innovation and growth in the cryptocurrency space.

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