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SEC files lawsuit against Consensys, developer of MetaMask, as it continues legal battle with crypto industry

SEC Files Lawsuit Against Consensys for Alleged Securities Violations in Crypto Industry

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has brought a new lawsuit against Consensys, a prominent blockchain firm in the crypto industry known for its MetaMask wallet product. The SEC alleges that Consensys violated federal securities laws by failing to register as a broker and dealer while offering services for securities, resulting in over $250 million in fees collected.

This lawsuit is part of a larger trend of regulatory scrutiny facing the crypto industry, with other firms like Coinbase and Kraken also facing similar complaints. However, what sets this case apart is the controversy surrounding Consensys’ preemptive legal action against the SEC in April, seeking clarity on whether Ethereum is considered a security.

Just days before the lawsuit, Consensys received a letter from the SEC closing its Ethereum 2.0 investigation, leading the firm to argue that Ethereum does not fall under the agency’s jurisdiction. Despite the SEC not naming Ethereum as one of the unregistered securities offered by Consensys in the lawsuit, the agency maintains that Consensys violated securities laws by allowing the swapping of crypto assets through MetaMask and offering staking services.

Consensys, founded by Ethereum developer Joseph Lubin, differs from other firms targeted by the SEC as it focuses on software development rather than exchange services. The SEC claims that Consensys acted as an unregistered broker in facilitating millions of crypto asset transactions, including those involving securities.

While the lawsuit does not address Ethereum’s security status directly, it represents a new front in the SEC’s campaign against top crypto companies. Despite the ongoing legal battle, Consensys remains defiant, accusing the SEC of regulatory overreach and pursuing an anti-crypto agenda.

As the crypto industry continues to navigate regulatory challenges, the outcome of this lawsuit could have significant implications for the future of blockchain technology and digital assets. Subscribe to Fortune Crypto for daily updates on the latest developments in the world of crypto.

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