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Sei Introduces First Parallelized EVM Blockchain, Price Surges by 8%

Advancements in Blockchain Technology: Pyth Network Introduces Pyth Price Feeds and Entropy on Sei V2

In a groundbreaking development for blockchain technology, Pyth Network has unveiled Pyth Price Feeds and Entropy on Sei V2, a parallelized Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This innovative introduction offers developers on Sei V2 access to over 500 real-time price feeds and a reliable on-chain random number generator, aiming to revolutionize decentralized finance (DeFi) applications.

Sei V2’s architecture is designed to enhance the developer experience by allowing the deployment of existing Ethereum applications without any modifications, providing a seamless transition to a more robust environment. The platform boasts a performance improvement of up to 100 times compared to traditional EVMs, catering to the increasing demands of blockchain applications, particularly in DeFi and high-frequency trading environments.

Moreover, Sei V2 continues to support CosmWasm, adding to its versatility and appeal for developers seeking a platform capable of handling complex operations without compromising speed or efficiency.

The integration of Pyth Price Feeds on Sei V2 offers developers real-time, low-latency price updates crucial for applications reliant on timely and accurate data, such as trading platforms and financial analytics tools. The pull oracle architecture employed by Pyth Network optimizes resource usage and reduces costs by allowing applications to request data as needed.

Additionally, the introduction of Entropy by Pyth Network provides a secure and dependable source of on-chain randomness, essential for applications requiring unpredictability, such as gaming, lotteries, and prediction markets. By ensuring fair and unpredictable outcomes, Entropy enhances trust and user engagement in these applications.

Following the launch of these new features, SEI, Sei’s native token, experienced a significant price surge, climbing over 8% to a trading value of $0.5752. The market capitalization also rose by nearly 5.52% to $1,683,533,322, with a 56.90% increase in trading volume indicating a bullish sentiment in the market ahead. This advancement in blockchain technology signifies a major step forward for DeFi applications and the broader blockchain ecosystem.

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