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StarkWare Boosts Bitcoin Upgrade Plans with CAT Initiative

StarkWare’s Plans for Scaling Bitcoin Network

StarkWare, the entity behind Starknet, has made a groundbreaking announcement regarding its plans to expand its scaling technology to the Bitcoin network. Contrary to speculation, StarkWare clarified that this expansion will not result in a fork of Starknet or the creation of a new token.

While StarkWare is primarily known for scaling Ethereum through validity rollups and ZK Proofs, co-founder Eli Ben-Sasson has always harbored a desire to scale Bitcoin using STARK proofs. This dream is now becoming a reality as StarkWare aims to connect Starknet to the Bitcoin network.

Despite concerns that StarkWare could fork Starknet, the company has reassured the community that its focus remains on enhancing Ethereum scaling efficiency. Starknet will serve both Ethereum and Bitcoin without the need for a new layer or token exclusively for Bitcoin. Instead, it will act as an execution layer that scales both blockchains simultaneously.

The complexities of upgrading Bitcoin are well-known, as consensus must be reached among various stakeholders to preserve the network’s self-custodial nature and resistance to censorship. StarkWare is championing the activation of OP_CAT, a feature originally introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto and later deactivated. With StarkWare’s support, the upgrade could potentially be activated this year.

StarkWare’s plan to bring ZK scaling to the Bitcoin network is part of a larger effort to address scalability issues across leading blockchains. The company’s commitment to developing STARK proofs for blockchain scalability underscores its dedication to advancing the industry.

Overall, StarkWare’s announcement marks a significant milestone in the ongoing evolution of blockchain technology, with implications for both Ethereum and Bitcoin scalability.

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