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Today’s Crypto Update: Daily News Digest

Crypto News Digest: Updates on Blockchain, Illuvium, and Mining Production

The global cryptocurrency market is experiencing a slight uptick today, with the market capitalization standing at $2.78 trillion, up by 0.2%. While most tokens are down, some are showing significant gains, such as Brett (BRETT) and ORDI, which are up by 16.9% and 12.4% respectively.

In other news, Blockchain.com and Unstoppable Domains have announced a collaboration to create a ‘Web2-Web3 crossover’ top-level domain (TLD) called ‘.blockchain’. This partnership aims to foster widespread adoption of blockchain-based businesses in the Web2 ecosystem.

Additionally, Illuvium, a Web3 gaming firm, has announced the release date for its highly anticipated blockchain game universe. The game will go live on July 25, with a trailer premiering today at 6 pm UTC. The game is expected to engage players with compelling gameplay and optional paid elements.

Lastly, BlocksBridge Consulting has reported a production squeeze in the first month after Bitcoin’s halving, with most public mining companies experiencing a production drop of around 45%. Marathon and Riot were among the companies that saw a decline of less than 30%.

Overall, the crypto market is showing signs of growth and innovation, with new collaborations and game releases on the horizon. Stay tuned for more updates on the latest crypto news.

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