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Trump’s campaign refunds Winklevoss twins over $300k

Winklevoss Twins Refunded Over $310,800 by Trump 47 Committee for Exceeding Donation Limit

The Winklevoss twins, known for their involvement in the crypto industry, have made headlines once again, this time for receiving a hefty refund from the Trump 47 Committee. The brothers collectively donated $2 million worth of Bitcoin to former president Donald Trump’s campaign, exceeding the maximum donation limit set by federal law. As a result, they have been refunded around $310,800.

This news comes amidst a growing trend of support for Trump within the crypto community. The Winklevoss twins recently criticized President Joe Biden for his ‘anti-crypto’ policies and declared Trump as the “pro-crypto” choice. Trump himself has expressed intentions to support the crypto industry if re-elected, promising to end Biden’s “war on crypto” and turn the U.S. into a Bitcoin mining powerhouse.

In addition to the Winklevoss twins, other figures in the crypto industry have voiced their support for Trump’s re-election, citing his commitment to protecting the rights of Bitcoin owners and miners. Trump’s campaign has emphasized his stance on encouraging innovation and leadership in emerging technologies, contrasting it with what they perceive as stifling regulations under the Biden administration.

However, the Winklevoss twins have faced their own legal troubles in the past, particularly related to their Gemini exchange’s now-defunct Gemini Earn program. The program, which allowed users to earn yield on their assets, faced backlash for allegedly misleading investors on the risks involved. After months of efforts to recover user funds, Gemini has since settled with regulators and returned a significant portion of the assets owed to users.

As the 2024 presidential election approaches, the intersection of politics and the crypto industry continues to be a topic of interest, with prominent figures like the Winklevoss twins and Trump himself shaping the conversation.

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