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Uniswap Enters Gaming Industry with Acquisition of “Crypto the Game”

Uniswap Labs Acquires Crypto the Game: A New Era of On-Chain Experiences

Uniswap Labs, the decentralized exchange and DeFi protocol, has made headlines once again with its recent acquisition of the blockchain game “Crypto the Game.” The announcement, made on Monday, June 10, 2024, has sparked excitement within the community as Uniswap Labs looks to support the development of the next season of the game under its new ownership.

The acquisition will see the founders of Crypto the Game, Dylan Abruscato, Bryan Lee, and Tyler Cagle, continue their work on the game as employees of Uniswap Labs. This move signifies Uniswap’s commitment to enhancing on-chain experiences and providing new and engaging opportunities for its users.

Uniswap co-founder Hayden Adams emphasized the importance of bringing engaging on-chain experiences to the world, stating, “If we want to bring the world on-chain, we need more engaging on-chain experiences.” This collaboration between Uniswap and Crypto the Game promises a myriad of benefits for both parties and their community members.

Players of Crypto the Game can expect minimal changes to the game dynamics, ensuring the preservation of its on-chain gameplay and features. Uniswap has promised to leverage its experience in building popular on-chain apps to elevate the third season of Crypto the Game to the next level, introducing new themes, twists, and on-chain drama for players to enjoy.

Additionally, Uniswap and Crypto the Game will explore new on-chain experiences together, aiming to enhance the overall gaming experience for the community. This acquisition marks another expansion for Uniswap, showcasing the protocol’s commitment to providing advanced enhancements for on-chain games.

As Uniswap continues to grow and expand its offerings, the acquisition of Crypto the Game highlights the protocol’s dedication to innovation and creating engaging experiences for its users. Stay tuned for more updates on the exciting developments coming from this collaboration.

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